Get Your Ass In Shape Brittney!

So, I’ll be the first one to admit that I have NEVER in my life been in shape. I’ve tried, believe me I have, but either things get too hard and I quit, or I just get super lazy and, well……. quit.

But now that I have Liam, I feel like it’s probably time to start taking better care of myself. I’ve started by trying to make more meals at home, something that Ryan and I always try to do, but would like to do way more often. And now I’m going to make a sincere effort to actually work out as well.

So today begins day one of my journey. I have found a work out plan that I will be following for the next 4 weeks. Believe it or not (and I’m sure you’ll believe it) I came across it on Pinterest and thought it was PERFECT for my situation. The plan comes from the site From Insanity And Back, a site that I’ve increasingly become obsessed with over the last few months (seriously, it’s awesome. click the link and check it out). I came across Melissa’s Level One Workout plan because someone I follow on Pinterest pinned it and I thought I’d check it out. I had been looking for somewhere to start on my fitness journey but I’ve never truly been in shape so I was worried about trying to start something that would be too advanced for me. I think that’s really where my lack of follow through comes in, when something is too hard I get discouraged and quit.

Now, I’m not going to bore you every night with the details of how I feel after every work out and what I did and blah blah blah. I’ll post again at the end of the first week and discuss what I did, how I felt, and maybe what I ate too!

Wish me luck people…….


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