Update! I’m not dead I promise

Yes I know, I do this all the time. I disappear for a few weeks, then come back with some big long post about how I’m back and will be better at updated. I post consistently for about a week and then POOF! I’m gone again. Well……. This time is different?

Except probably not.

It’s worth a shot again. So allow me to make another (possibly empty) promise to you all that I will be better at updating.

So what have I been up to lately? The better question is what HAVEN’T I been up to!

Life with Liam has been taking up most of my time these past 10 weeks. Yes! Liam is now 10 weeks old! It’s hard to believe that the time has flown by so fast. As of his 2 month appointment which was last Tuesday, he was 11 lbs 10 oz and 23 inches long. He smiles all the time and let me just say, his smile is the cutest I’ve ever seen.


In addition to my new job as Liam’s Mom (that’s an official title you know!) I’m also back at work. Honestly, being a working mom to an infant is tough. Sometimes I feel like I don’t get to spend nearly as much time with Liam as I’d like. But I also know that it’s what’s necessary right now and Ryan and I were incredibly lucky to find a wonderful daycare down the street from our apartment that has amazing reviews and inspection reports and a friendly staff.

Welp, that’s pretty much it. The story of my life for the last 10 weeks. Like I said before, I am going to work VERY HARD to continue to update on a regular basis. But well……… yeah we’ll just see.


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