500 Words a Day- Day 1

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am basically obsessed with Fall Out Boy. I know they’re kind of a hot topic all the time. People can be so cruel about the music that other people like. I mean, why? If I like Fall Out Boy and you hate them, but you like Disturbed but I hate them, why would it be ok for you to tell me that I’m stupid for liking Fall Out Boy? I would never tell you that you’re stupid for liking Disturbed. You want to know why? Because people are different! Personally, I HATE Taylor Swift. Mostly because I think she sucks as a person, but in all honesty I just think her music is lame. I’ll admit, a few of her songs are catchy and I find myself singing along to them from time to time, but I would never attend one of her concerts or buy any of her CD’s (Ok so, I mean I liked her first CD and I have it. But after that, I just can’t deal with her). That being said, I respect her as a musician and I would NEVER tell someone who is a fan that they should not like her music.

In my honest opinion, the music you like is based off of what you connect with personally.  So if you connect with the things that Taylor Swift sings about, more power too you. I personally don’t. I connect more with Fall Out Boy, Rancid, the Smiths, the Cure, etc. You like your music, I like mine. Let’s be friends as long as we agree that we will probably never attend any of the same concerts.

So I mean anyway, back to Fall Out Boy. For anyone who is a fan of theres that reads this, I assume that you will know that they have a new album coming out on January 20th. The song’s that I’ve heard so far definitely sound different that what they’ve done in the past, but I think that their evolution over time has been pretty straightforward. You know, sometimes bands do some crazy stuff that is like VASTLY different than things they’ve done in the past and sometimes I think that it doesn’t really fall in line with a clear progression in their sound. I mean, Panic! at the Disco is a prime example of this. When they came out with Pretty Odd it was completely different than A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out and nothing they have done since sounds even remotely close to it. But I think that Fall Out Boy has had that clear progression between Fall Out Boy’s Evening Out With Your Girl and American Beauty/American Psycho. I mean, lets face it, they will never make another Take This To Your Grave or From Under the Cork Tree. I don’t understand why people assume that they should. Bands should always evolve in their sound. It doesn’t have to be drastic, but it should be enough to show growth.


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