WHO’S DUMBASS IDEA WAS IT TO REMAKE JUMANJI…… or any Robin Williams movie for that matter.

How will this even work? Who will play Alan Parrish?

I strongly believe that there is NO FUCKING WAY you can remake a Robin Williams movie. I’m sorry. It can’t be done. He’s a legend. And to be honest, even if it was acceptable, it’s too soon.

Robin was really one of the most incredible actors of all time (try to fight me on this I dare you). I mean, lets take a look at some of the classics he was in:

Patch Adams
Dead Poets Society
Good Morning Vietnam
Mrs. Doubtfire
Good Will Hunting
The Birdcage

Tell me that this man was not one of the most versatile actors. And lets not even mention his comedy skills.

Basically, I just think this is such a horrible idea. What are they going to do next? Remake Dead Poets Society?


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