Updated Thoughts on the Blink 182 Situation (Originally posted 1/29/2015)

Now that new statements have been made and some of the dust has finally settled, I felt it necessary (for no one else but myself really) to give a little update regarding my thoughts on this whole Blink 182 mess.

Generally, my opinion has not changed.  I still think Tom is an asshole, I still have respect for Mark and Travis (mostly Mark, but I have a longstanding history of having an issue with Travis that has nothing to do with Blink 182 and everything to do with him as a person, but that’s a story for another day), and I still feel sorry for Matt.

Tom’s statement truly bothered me. I feel like he was trying to take sole credit for EVERYTHING that has happened with the band throughout their entire career. He makes a point to say that he started the band, that they used his garage, that he was the one trying to progress them. But his actions over the last few years speak for themselves.

I agree with him on one point. I think they are all at fault in the situation. And I’ve already said that. But I think he’s really got to be honest about where his true priorities are. If AVA is his sole focus, that’s fine. It really is. But he needs to learn to communicate that with his band mates on his own and not through his manager.

My biggest reason for supporting Mark and Travis is this: 10 years ago, Tom was the one who ended things. 10 Years ago they made a commitment that Tom could not follow through on. He also let his issues with Travis’ decision to do his reality show interfere with the band as a whole. Yes, Travis’ show was absolute trash, and I get why Tom wouldn’t want to be a part of that, but there are better ways to go about it than to let it tear your band a part.

You know, I had truly hoped that the plane crash would really put everything into perspective for all of them. That it would make them all realize how lucky they are to have each other and to be alive and that it would at least help them reestablish their friendships. But it seems like that’s a lost cause. It’s sad that Mark and Tom have known each other for so long and this is the direction their relationship has taken.


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